Sunday, 21 December 2014

What Have I Learned This Week Part10

last class!!

Our last class with Dr Ummi!!!
I can't believe our class were ended..
Time seems short..
This week class, we were asked whether her class meet our expectation or not?!
And I give her a very 'sengal' answer which made me feels like w** this student writing
Sorry Dr~
She also wants to know about our target for her subject..
A laaaa of course..
I'm begging you to give me A for this subject please~~@-@
In the end of our class, Dr give us souvenir that she bought during her travel..
omo~ thank you so much. dozo arigatou. xiexie. komawo  

i got Eiffel fridge magnet!!

Friday, 12 December 2014


INFINITE back again after done their solo activities. I have been waiting them to back as 7 members since a few month ago after they are done promoting "Back" album. They just release the movie title Grow but I'm really hope that Malaysia will get the airtime.

GROW movie come to Malaysia juseyo!!!
their OST were composed by the member Woohyun, this time I'm admit his talent very Jjang you!! i'm

INFINITE at MAMA2014 in HongKong last few weeks. They won Best Male Dance Performance and KPop Fans Male Choice Awards. chukahae~

They are goin to wrap up their this year activity with GayoDaejoon and other music award perhaps.Counting days for their comback nex

p/s: I'll update soon the 1st ToppDogg Showcase in Malaysia

What Have I Learned This Week Part 9

This week we were asked to create a business logo by using the newspaper.

Business name : DeeGeef (stand for Decoration and Gift actually).
Mission            : To open branch all around Malaysia
Vission             : Every house in Malaysia have our products
Motto               : A good time to go green

DeeGeef logo

From this activities, we were test about creativity and critical thinking skills since we only have 2 hours to finished the logo without any adhesive tape, glue and so on. Anyway, thanks to our group member who did great in order to finish the logo.  

What Have I Learned This Week Part 8

Ignore the title, I learned this last week actually. due to the busyness and internet problem I can't update anything. I'm in countryside actually at that time for my cousin wedding lol~

last week we were learned about issue that company has to face and how to resolve the issue arise. We were given study case "Kerja Ikut Peraturan" by Yaakob Ibrahim. 

the case study is about a situation happened in a Syarikat Ready Consulting Sdn Bhd. The manager, Encik Zamri, the consultant, Encik Ahmad, the staff, Encik Hamidon and his assistant. the company have four photocopy machines, two of them are self service machines, one of them is electronic machine and one of them is electronic multipurpose machine which is handled by Encik Hamidon only. they have their own S.O.P which are:

1) they have to filled form before photocopy

2) all the application form should be done via a clerk and at least four days before.

3) all the consultants cannot enter photocopy room.

when Encik Hamidon was not around, the consultants use the machines by themselves and cause the machine break down. Encik Ahmad gave a materials to photocopy two days before and Encik Hamidon cannot finishing the photocopy work and have been threat by Encik Ahmad.

  • En Ahmad do no follow the SOP
  • Lack of the staff to handle the xerox machines
  • Over usage - overload work for self-service machines
  • Threat by the consultant En.Ahmad
  • Lack of skill to handle the electronic machine
  • En Hamidon - the staff
  • En Zamri - the manager
  • Assistant En Hamidon
  • En Ahmad - the consultant
  • 2 - self service machines
  • 1 - handle by En Hamidon
  • 1 - to be handle by En Hamidon assistant
  • Increase self-service machines
  • Train the staff to handle the electronic machines
  • Increase number of staff to operate the machines
  • Amend the SOP 4 days to 2 days.
Action to be taken
  • Train the staff to handle the electronic machines

Sunday, 23 November 2014

What Have I Learned this Week part 7

Strategic Management from Islamic Perspective
During the class, we were asked about the Islamic war during the era of The Prophet Muhammad SAW. How Islam win the war even they are lack of military.  in Ahzab or Khandaq War, this war were named as Khandaq which means trench because during the war, Salman alFarisi advised that they have to dig the trench as a strategy to win the war and protection from the enemy. By using that strategy, the Muslim army able to win the war when at that time they only have 300 forces and 10 horses for battle while their enemy have more than a thousand of forces.

the sketch of strategy of Khandaq war
Even during the era of previous Prophet also can be seen using the strategies in order to solve the problem or any issues. Other example is when Allah asked the Prophet Nuh to build the ark so because the massive flood will happen. Nuh has to build the ark so that he can protect his followers especially Muslim from the massive flood. After the ark completed, Nuh able differentiate whether his followers are truly Muslim or not.
There is a lot of story from the previous era that can be related to strategic management from Islamic perspective.
the drawing from the founding of the Nuh arks.
the artifacts of the ark founded in Ararat Mountain in Turkey.

sources : the Nuh's ark


Monday, 27 October 2014

kuala lumpur l terengganu l kelantan l thailand l kelantan l kuala lumpur

i don't know why, suddenly i feel like i want to flight doesn't matter which country but i want to fly!! aigooo~ travel addiction mybe.. at first, i did plan to go to Bandung but at last minutes i have to cancel the plans since im failed to get permission from my parent to get there..then at the last minute too the plans change to around Malaysia only..

why my first transit at Terengganu?huhu~ actually i want to land at Kelantan but since Rina offered me to go to Ganu 1st then to Kelantan by riding a bus.. im arrived from KL to Terengganu airport at noon then direct to Rina's house, lunch at someone wedding ceremony (huhuhu~), then go to Rina's parent shop. her parent's selling Keropok Lekor..muah muah muah sedap sangat dapat makan kopok (its's how Terengganian pronouns keropok), then rest a bit before goin to bus station since we have to catch a bus to Kota Bharu, Kelantan around 6pm..

its my 1st time riding bus other than USIM's bus..hahahaha~
i can't believe, it takes 4 hours to reach Kelantan!! its really a long just sleeping when we arrived at Liza's house around 11pm..

the next morning, we are goin to Pengkalan Kubor Duty Free..i didn't buy much just a bundle of chocolate.price?! same as Langkawi laaa..

just caption..hahahaha~

then we go to Thailand through Kelantan. at first, we did plan with a Halal way (through kastam)
but we have to change the plans since they forgot to bring their passport..sengal betol!! even a night before im flight they already remind me about the passport but how come they the one who forgot to bring it.. anyway, we manage to go to Kelantan through 'jalan haram' HAHAHAHA~ by RM1 sampan..

on the boat

nothing much there since im goin to Thailand on Friday..people there said that most of them closed the shops on Friday..what so funny is, in Thailand i bought a kilo of anchovies and a box of pomegranate since its very cheap there..hahaha~

Thailand way of Kuey Teow soups..really delicious!!

MUST try : Kerabu Maggie

found coffee thirsty!! its too hot here~

their unique way in packaging the coffee
i found SuperJunior collection of body

a bunch of cosmetic products selling much cheaper than in Malaysia
at night, we were goin to Wakaf Che Yeh a.k.a downtown Kelantan laaa..its open around 9pm same with KL downtown and close at middle night.. 

the next morning, goin back to KL wif Amir since no more ticket bus to Kajang and tix flight for weekend are triple double expensive than usual price..huhu~

budget for this trips :

Air Asia tix flight to Ganu  - RM80 ( quite expensive acually )
ticket bus to KB - RM16
Daim's chocolate - RM16.90
Pepero - RM22
Snickers - RM9.90
Tiramisu White Chocolate - RM9.90
A box pomegranate - RM35
A kilos of anchovies - RM12
Batik pasang for ibu - RM65
3 Kelantan's shirt - RM35
1 shirt for me - RM10
2 Nasi Kerabu ayam goreng berempah - RM10
Special fees for Amir - RM100

TOTAL =   RM421.70

why i didn't spend much on foods, transportation and accommodation??actually, its fully sponsored by Liza's family..thnx so much dear for the treats~<3

Monday, 20 October 2014

What Have I Learned This Week part 6

Business Level Strategy

It is refer to strategies that business firms use to build competitive advantage and also used to help organizations establish a competitive advantage over industry rivals.

Introduces by Michael Porter with three generic business level strategies :

1 - cost leadership
produce a product or service at a cost below competitors can achieve. 
For example : MYDIN offered basic necessities products a lower cost compared to the competitors who offer same line products and services. 

2 - differentiation
provided to customers through unique features and characteristics of an organization's products rather than by the lowest price. this is done through high quality, features, high customer service, rapid product innovation, advanced technological features, image management, and etc.
For example : ROLEX offered a very high class swatch that present the standard of livings and lifestyle. 

3. focus strategy
based on the firm competing in a narrow scope within an industry where the firm selects a segment or group and tailors its strategy to serve them. use focused strategies may be able serve the smaller segment better than competitors who have a wider base of customers. this is especially true when special needs make it difficult for industry-wide competitors to serve the needs of this group of customers. By serving a segment that was previously poorly segmented an organization has unique capability to serve niche.
there are two variants : 
a) Focused Low Cost- Organizations not only compete on price, but also select a small segment of the market to provide goods and services to.
b) Focused Differentiation - Organizations not only compete based on differentiation, but also select a small segment of the market to provide goods and services. 
For example : UNIVERSAL TRAVELER, in Malaysia there are focusing on traveler attire for winter for those who plans to travel to overseas during winter seasons.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

perfume and me

lately, im so into perfume. honestly, im not collecting the perfume. i jus bought it since i cant use deodorant well and bcoz of my sensitive skin issues too. im start using perfume during my secondary school. i got it as a present from my fiancee (that time not yet.huhu~). i did plan to used it for the rest of my life but im not afford to do that, well, im just a students anyway..huhuhu~since then, i just bought the one that im afford. however, i cants used perfume that being sell in supermarket or yg seangkatan dgn nyer la..

my 1st perfume

after a trying various brand of perfume within my budget and quite affordable, there is only 3 brands that my skin adapted well which is ELIANTO, NATURE REPUBLIC and VICTORIA SECRET. 
im start using Elianto brands when my sis introduced it too me few years ago. 

im bring this too hostel since its not that, xksa sgt un if this one habis cepat..huhuhu~

my 1st Elianto perfume.but, im stop using it just bcoz of PINK colour of the box and the bottle.hahaha~
different with Elianto, im start Nature Republic products bcoz of JYJ (kpop group). they were ambassador of N.R products since 2010. at 1st, i just bought their products wit intent to collect all the JYJ picture which some of the products have their picture on it. like pic below..

im still have this n dont hv intend to used it anyway

their face mask very jjang!!
actually, it such a waste for me to buy it without used it. then, its how im start using N.R products. its suit my skin perfectly from head to toe. lol~over puji lak..huhu~ their BBCream are the best!!


creamy body wash

solid perfume.i bought this bcoz of the cute design in the container
Victoria Secret?! not much just tried it SASA before. 

full set of body mist..huhu~

What Have I Learned This Week part 5

SWOT analysis

do u know what's SWOT means??

SWOT is acronyms for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats.

SWOT analysis were used to analyze the internal and environmental that involved in projects or any business venture.

It is important to do SWOT analysis as a one step further in planning to achieve the goals and objective of the projects.

during last lecturer, we were asked about SWOT analysis for "The Desired End State for iCEPS10"

threats analysis for iCEPS10

opportunities analysis for iCEPS10

strength analysis for iCEPS10
weaknesses analysis for iCEPS10

p/s: sorry for disarrange picture of analysis, kekeke~soory too if u cant read the picture..blame the sources.HAHAHAHAHA~

Saturday, 4 October 2014

click click..

4 years in degree..
we never had a picture together wif all the class members..
finally, we had time to do that..
no DSLR..
no professional photographers..
just us..
utilize our own gadgets..
this what we got..
after 4 years too..
the feeling of parting in choosing our own future increasingly felt..
sweet and sorrow..
im goin to miss all the memory that we have been through all together in this 4 years..

Monday, 29 September 2014

What Have I Learned Today part 4

today forum on GOALS just continues from the last week lecture about 5Porters. What is 5Porters??

5Porters is a framework to analyse level of competition within an industry and business strategy development. It draws upon industrial organization (IO) economics to derive five forces that determine the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of a market. ( source : wiki

In a forum, we were ask about 5Porters for financial service analysis in Malaysia and the attractiveness of this industry.

and here my answer, I donno weather im answering this correct or not..>0<


Malaysia has seen robust development of its financial markets over the past years. And what make it attractive is the developing of strong domestic institution while progressively opening up the financial services sector to greater competition by the government. Today, the banks have a strong capital position and the entire financial services system such insurance system boasts ample liquidity, which has provided a buffer against global economic volatility in the recent past. 

5 Porters Analysis:

New Entrance

- usually, the emerging of new entrance in financial market service is low compared to the entrance of market products.


- the products that usually offered to the public is identical therefore, it create an advantage for customer to demand in selecting the service providers.


- Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) or depositors 


- financial service that offer the same products and services for similar target market

- conventional vs Islamic services offered


- online banking and transaction

- Islamic services offered much easy and convenient  products with a fixed interest and high dividend return.

Friday, 26 September 2014

> 0 <

Its freaking awesome!!!
Never get enough..

INFINITE "Back" Dance Practice 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What Have I Learned Today part 3


Issues from the story :

1. Conflict of personal interest between the Robin Hood and Merrymen
     - Merrymen motto is " rob the rich and give to poor"
     - they only wants to dispose the tax tariff by robing the rich
     - while, Robbin Hood purpose of recruiting the Merrymen is to kill the Sheriff

2. The management and leadership problems
     - as the size of the band increased,  there is so many issued arise as there is some people who  betraying the band and doesn't have discipline

3. Financial issues
     - as the band growing, the cost of buying food were incresed since their revenue start to decline.
     - the travellers who walk in Sherwood Forest knows their tactics already and change the dirction of travel

4. Political issues
     - Robbin Hood doesn't have political connection to obtain reinforcement power.
     - therefore,  Prince John asked Robin Hood to combine the power with barons to collect the ransom that would release nKing Richard the Lionheart from the jail in Austria.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

What Have I Learned Today part 2

Today is my turn to present the article about current issue..
Rather than choose about rhe current issue,  I choose to talk about the health issue that almost Malaysian face it which is resdung a.k.a nasal allergy or in scientific known as sinusitis..

Lets find out what I found through my reading!!!

Source : The Star Online
Date : 21 September 2014
Titles : Natural remedy to help in nasal allergy problem

First of all, we have to know the symptoms if we were infect by bacteria in our T- zone area. The symptoms are always sneezing,  nasal blockage and mucous discharge.  However,  to some who already experienced this symptoms,  their nose become inflamed and blocked, hard breathing problem, facial congestion,  headaches,  ear aches,  and insomnia. Youngsters also face the same things and effected their emotional like  anxiety and also face behaviour and attention disorder.

  When we go to clinics usually,  doctor will prescribed us with antistamines and nasal steroid spray. Unfortunately,  this drug contains adverse reaction and cannot prevent an allergic reaction from happening.

And Alhamdulillah,  researchers from Zagred, Croatia discovered an astrogalus root extract which contain special calcium minerals. This root extract help a lot in preventing the allergic and if the patients receive the treatment continuously within 6 weeks, the potential to recover from allergy is over 70% .

Friday, 19 September 2014

What I Have Learned this Week part 1

Dr. Ummi did asked us about our mission and vision in our life. Honestly I'm not even remember what I'm writing about in her forums. Its not like I don't have mission or vision in my life, it just I can't remember what I'm telling her in a Goals. haiyaaa~what a lame excuse..ㄱㄱㄱ~

Vision in my life:

 1- Built better relationship wif Allah, parent, family and all people around me

2- Expand knowledge in all area especially in corporate field.

3- Successful in business area : I want to open my own oil and gas station and be a billionaire. Insyaallah~

Mission in my life before I'm reach 30
     * working while doin Corporate Charter licence

     * bring along my family to Umrah in Mecca

    * bring them along for vacation too in overseas country

    * own RED Mini Copper Classic!!!

     * end my SINGLE life..kekekeke~

my dream rings : simple. less diamond, must platinum!!