Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What Have I Learned Today part 3


Issues from the story :

1. Conflict of personal interest between the Robin Hood and Merrymen
     - Merrymen motto is " rob the rich and give to poor"
     - they only wants to dispose the tax tariff by robing the rich
     - while, Robbin Hood purpose of recruiting the Merrymen is to kill the Sheriff

2. The management and leadership problems
     - as the size of the band increased,  there is so many issued arise as there is some people who  betraying the band and doesn't have discipline

3. Financial issues
     - as the band growing, the cost of buying food were incresed since their revenue start to decline.
     - the travellers who walk in Sherwood Forest knows their tactics already and change the dirction of travel

4. Political issues
     - Robbin Hood doesn't have political connection to obtain reinforcement power.
     - therefore,  Prince John asked Robin Hood to combine the power with barons to collect the ransom that would release nKing Richard the Lionheart from the jail in Austria.

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