Saturday, 15 March 2014

Toheart - Delicious

my hubby friends, Namu make a duo debut with his bff, Key of Shinee. the duo were called Toheart, i don't really like this genre song but i keep repeating Namu part coz i thought that his only part really catch my, the songs sound like Shinee style the just i dont like their style . anyway, i did ordered his duo debut just to support Namu since he also he brings INFINITE names too~

spending my leisure time..


after two weeks struggling with a bunch of homework + presentation + assignment + iCeps meeting , finally i hv time for my feels like a year spending this two weeks like a zombie sampai demam demam sbb letih sangat..siang dengan kelas, malam lak meeting with other department..never ends issue!! in my opinion laa, meeting and meeting will never solve anything..lagi banyak problem being issued de, to settle down the problem just do as much as u want as long as the action didn't affect your department..

assignemnt lak makin berlambak.internet seriously memg slow giler so sambil update ni bole la bace cikit cikit article pasal  ' The Effects of Corporate Governance in Company Performance'. da masok tahun tige ni baru la terase nyer susah kos yang ak amek nie. mybe sbb da thn tige ni la da byk focus on corporate subject..bole tahan susah gak la tapi, nak wat camne, i'm the one who choose this subject so, i hv to bear it till the end la..setahun je ag nak abes blaja..hwaiting!! ends talk about work, study or wat so ever..

i hv a very very nice date with my best chingu Rose..thnx dear for being my friend, always listen to me, accompanying jejalan gi my favorite shopping mall : TimesSquare!!! we really had a nice brunch + dinner.. spending time like old times since its a  been a long time we don't have that kind of quality time together even we met almost everyday at faculty..everyone gettin bz wif our own work plus we didn't take the same course. unfortunately, Faizah didn't join us..i don't know what she's bzing about, almost every week she had program and that the reason why we always postponing our date..this time, we decided to go without her..

its been a long time im seraching for this back pillow to protect my back..huhu~ sounds cm org tue la plak..get this at cm3

body butter and perfume from Elianto loyal customer taw~

candy socks that i love so much by SoxWorld

this is what i spend for my first  RM100 BB1M

my zutto tomadochi a.k.a Rose..we spend almost 3 hours chatting at TappersCafe for brunch only!! *p/s: ignore my fatty check!!!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

my first ever assignment + presesntation

in our first week semester begin, we were already busy wif our assignment and continues presentation.. so far, we already did 2 presentation for diff subject.. daebak kowt!! actually, my group voluntarily do the presentation since im goin to be very very very busy wif our faculty big event since im one of the director of the program.. i'm pretty sure that starting the mid of semester, we were goin to hv another bunch of assignment to be submit and present plus the event will be held after the final year.. that's the reason why im voluntarily myself to do a presentation.. seriously, when the lecturer made an offer about who's goin to present first, im feel really sorry towards my group member since i did the my own decision without discussing wif them first.. i just don't want to be stuck wif other assignment in the end of the semester.. gladly, they really understand me..thnx chingu~

our first assignment begin wif presenting the board of director member for bursa listing company and PN17 company.. its quite simple actually, just the overview of the company, product and their market sales.. actually, i'm quite blur about what the different wif non-independence director and independence director bcoz so far the words i always heard is CEO and Company Secretary only.. anyway, we'll learn about that in another chapter later.. actually, i'm quite confused about the subject i'm learning since the subject name and the things we learn are quite similar: Corporate Admin and Corporate Governance.. using the same study case, we have to adapt in those 2 subjects..

then, in wakaf, baitulmal and faraid class we have to present about the paperwork of the charity work event that will conduct by our course.. we had to prepared a lot of ideas since we don't know which ideas will be accepted or rejected later by Dean.. so far, 3/10 of our ideas are being accepted for this beginning however, they still want us to brainwash more ideas that our faculty need the most and we are able to provide it at lower cost.. then, we have to think think think and think more~

currently, i'm preparing for the next presentation for my two Corporate subjects which is the study of the Industrial Design Act in Malaysia together wif the example of lawsuit case and another one, the summary of the corporate governance code for Cadbury. 

gudluck for me~huhuhu~