Monday, 27 October 2014

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i don't know why, suddenly i feel like i want to flight doesn't matter which country but i want to fly!! aigooo~ travel addiction mybe.. at first, i did plan to go to Bandung but at last minutes i have to cancel the plans since im failed to get permission from my parent to get there..then at the last minute too the plans change to around Malaysia only..

why my first transit at Terengganu?huhu~ actually i want to land at Kelantan but since Rina offered me to go to Ganu 1st then to Kelantan by riding a bus.. im arrived from KL to Terengganu airport at noon then direct to Rina's house, lunch at someone wedding ceremony (huhuhu~), then go to Rina's parent shop. her parent's selling Keropok Lekor..muah muah muah sedap sangat dapat makan kopok (its's how Terengganian pronouns keropok), then rest a bit before goin to bus station since we have to catch a bus to Kota Bharu, Kelantan around 6pm..

its my 1st time riding bus other than USIM's bus..hahahaha~
i can't believe, it takes 4 hours to reach Kelantan!! its really a long just sleeping when we arrived at Liza's house around 11pm..

the next morning, we are goin to Pengkalan Kubor Duty Free..i didn't buy much just a bundle of chocolate.price?! same as Langkawi laaa..

just caption..hahahaha~

then we go to Thailand through Kelantan. at first, we did plan with a Halal way (through kastam)
but we have to change the plans since they forgot to bring their passport..sengal betol!! even a night before im flight they already remind me about the passport but how come they the one who forgot to bring it.. anyway, we manage to go to Kelantan through 'jalan haram' HAHAHAHA~ by RM1 sampan..

on the boat

nothing much there since im goin to Thailand on Friday..people there said that most of them closed the shops on Friday..what so funny is, in Thailand i bought a kilo of anchovies and a box of pomegranate since its very cheap there..hahaha~

Thailand way of Kuey Teow soups..really delicious!!

MUST try : Kerabu Maggie

found coffee thirsty!! its too hot here~

their unique way in packaging the coffee
i found SuperJunior collection of body

a bunch of cosmetic products selling much cheaper than in Malaysia
at night, we were goin to Wakaf Che Yeh a.k.a downtown Kelantan laaa..its open around 9pm same with KL downtown and close at middle night.. 

the next morning, goin back to KL wif Amir since no more ticket bus to Kajang and tix flight for weekend are triple double expensive than usual price..huhu~

budget for this trips :

Air Asia tix flight to Ganu  - RM80 ( quite expensive acually )
ticket bus to KB - RM16
Daim's chocolate - RM16.90
Pepero - RM22
Snickers - RM9.90
Tiramisu White Chocolate - RM9.90
A box pomegranate - RM35
A kilos of anchovies - RM12
Batik pasang for ibu - RM65
3 Kelantan's shirt - RM35
1 shirt for me - RM10
2 Nasi Kerabu ayam goreng berempah - RM10
Special fees for Amir - RM100

TOTAL =   RM421.70

why i didn't spend much on foods, transportation and accommodation??actually, its fully sponsored by Liza's family..thnx so much dear for the treats~<3

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