Sunday, 12 October 2014

perfume and me

lately, im so into perfume. honestly, im not collecting the perfume. i jus bought it since i cant use deodorant well and bcoz of my sensitive skin issues too. im start using perfume during my secondary school. i got it as a present from my fiancee (that time not yet.huhu~). i did plan to used it for the rest of my life but im not afford to do that, well, im just a students anyway..huhuhu~since then, i just bought the one that im afford. however, i cants used perfume that being sell in supermarket or yg seangkatan dgn nyer la..

my 1st perfume

after a trying various brand of perfume within my budget and quite affordable, there is only 3 brands that my skin adapted well which is ELIANTO, NATURE REPUBLIC and VICTORIA SECRET. 
im start using Elianto brands when my sis introduced it too me few years ago. 

im bring this too hostel since its not that, xksa sgt un if this one habis cepat..huhuhu~

my 1st Elianto perfume.but, im stop using it just bcoz of PINK colour of the box and the bottle.hahaha~
different with Elianto, im start Nature Republic products bcoz of JYJ (kpop group). they were ambassador of N.R products since 2010. at 1st, i just bought their products wit intent to collect all the JYJ picture which some of the products have their picture on it. like pic below..

im still have this n dont hv intend to used it anyway

their face mask very jjang!!
actually, it such a waste for me to buy it without used it. then, its how im start using N.R products. its suit my skin perfectly from head to toe. lol~over puji lak..huhu~ their BBCream are the best!!


creamy body wash

solid perfume.i bought this bcoz of the cute design in the container
Victoria Secret?! not much just tried it SASA before. 

full set of body mist..huhu~

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