Saturday, 10 October 2015

how i meet with other Malaysian..

Jackie (friend from Singapore) told me I'm the first and only Malaysian student here.. (pecah rekod weiiii!!) memula rasa cam bangga gak la tp at the same time cam dissapointed gak la sebab da sebulan lebih xckp malay weiiii!! asyk speaking jee..until i meet one little girl named Lotus in subway.huhu~xde la little sgt tp she's younger then me laa. 

lotus : have u go to Huxi mosque?
me: no bcos i just arrived here few weeks ago. i dont know any near masjid too.
lotus : u want to go with me tomorrow?
me : sure (dalam hati syukur sangat sangat. rase cam she's someone Allah send to help me)
lotus : lets meet up tomorrow morning at station
me : okay!!

sesat xjupe masjid sbb both first time nak g.huhuhu~

then next morning ktorg un pegi la Huxi. she's not SHU student and she come to Shanghai alone all the way from Yunnan (jauh weiii kat ngn Vietnam kowtt) for vacation and just want to meet Bairunsheng, the famous imam in China at Huxi (kalu kat malaysia cam Ust.Don or Ust.Azhar Idrus tuu) most of the muslim in Huxi cant speak english but they warmly welcome me and invite me to join their lunch at Huxi cafe. we read quran and praying together. i feel so good. MashaAllah~

Huxi mosque

since both of us cam tourist so taking picture lu

curi tangkap gmbr imam Bairunsheng

pas tu masa raya haji first time gak jauh ngn family. i'm going to nearest mosque at Huxi (changshou lu. line 7. exit 2 . turn left and walk 5 minutes). yeahhh, i make new friends who can only speak little english and me little chinese. in the end both of us using translator apps. hahahahahaha~ they invite me for lunch after prayer at restaurant near mosque. foods there?? so gooooood and harga un soooooo good too. alhamdulillah, naseb baik org belanjaa..

makan besaaaaa

terliur x??sedap weyhhh

with friends from JiaTong univ

Sophia Ma the translator.hahaha
actually, kuar dari masjid tu la terjupe dgn one family from Malaysia, Aunty Elvy. we exchanged number and the next weekend she invite me and my roommate to her house for makan makan. she also introduced me with another Malaysian student who doing internship here in Shanghai. makan nasi lemak weyhhhh!! da lame ngidam kowtt.. thnx aunty for ur invitation..
aunty elvy depan skali tuuu. meet syaza and wonderful sis aisha

my first week in shanghai

first week kat sini hectic la gak. i got roommate from Rusia but i only meet her for few second bcos she's rushing to Beijing.

girls date at The Bund

duduk kat bilik sesorang and almost everyday i eat instant food, de la gak makan nasi tp dgn lauk instant gak cm curry can adabi tuu.

nak kuar xtaw nak g mane pastu da la xfluent mandarin so mmg rse terceruk gak laa sampai la one day i meet with one of Pakistani . he's muslim too so he show me all the shop near the campus yang de selling halal food then we go to Walmart and he show me every section in Walmart from food to everything laa. then, kat mane de jual daging and ayam halal.

honestly, i'm so glad that i meet him and alhamdulillah makanan halal is everywhere. kat Walmart un de jual biskut Julies ngn Munchies hokeyy. byk lagi product made in Malaysia yang halal kat sini. so, no worries about food. sena nyee heaven sgt. ckp je nak pe. asal pandai masak mmg bole survive la kat sini..

thanks Rita for your understanding . she accompany me to eat at Muslim restaurant

first halal sushi I made in Shanghai

Friday, 9 October 2015

how to study in china for self finance student like me..huhuhu

Actually da lame sgt xmenulis kat sini. Some people ask where I am? I kat Shanghai skrg. nape jauh sgt, watpe kat sane and macam macam soklan lg la org tnye..meh nak cite cikit camne bole tercampak jauh kat sini..huhuhu~ tercampak la sgt pdhal sndri yang campak diri kat sini. KAHKAHKAH~
one day ayah tanya masa baru amek dari tempat intern.

ayah : pas abes intern nak watpe? sambung teros kat situ ke cari tempat lain??
me: (tetibe terpikir nak smbg master pdhal xpena terpikir un selama nie..) nak sambung master bole?
ayah : sambung kat mane?
me : kalu nak sambung kt ovesea bole x?xnk wat kt malaysia.. (ni un tetiba gak.HAHAHA~poyo giler en?)
ayah: sambung kat mane? (ayah tanye ag..)
me : nak sambung kat east asia either japan, korea or china
ayah : gi la survey sendiri..

nampak x ayah da bagi greenlight tu??huhuhu. ak un pe lagi tros la wat research camne nak sambung master kat 3 negara dlm list diatas. 
after few research, terpaksa reject japan and korea sbb living cost yg agak tinggi then memang kompem la xblaja sebab nmpak kpop je memanjang. pffffft. then, i choose china. 
pastu mula la pencarian univ yg de course yg ak nk wat tuu. i did apply to few universities but most of them rejecting my application sebab i dont have degree certificate yet.. yelaaa, intern un xabes lagi so pakai transcript je laa and the only univ yang accept my application is Shanghai University. now, here i am at SHU (singkatan my univ). 
actually, im here by using education agent. ramai yang tanye ,xmahal ke gune agent? ce google . i found this website after randomly try here and there about possibility for me to further study in china. and this website offered very affordable price. i only have to pay around RM2k only and their service include with air ticket, application fees and visa. murah kan??compare to other website la yang mintak unreasonable price tok further study oversea nie.. pastu service die memang tiptop laa.. list yang kat bawah tu kite scan and email to the agent nanti sume die yang applykan. kite xyah susah susah nak pikir un..
sebelum apply kene la de sume ni eik kalu x camne nak apply..
1. renew passport kalu da expired like me
2. 2 recommendation letter from associate professor or professor
3. study plan nape nak sambung blaja sume and pe plan pas abes balaja kt univ tu nanti..
4. isi online application form (ni nanti agent yang bagi)
5. transcript copy
6. personal resume
7. other document ( yang ni depend on course pe yang kite amek )
then, ramai gak tanya nape xmintak scholarship? ak g mase economy negara tgh merundum or merosot (xtaw nak gune bahasa pe yang sesuai.huhuhu~) susah nye nk mntk scholarship mase tu and almost give up dengan sume tu. turun naek office mara, g tanya jpa sume tp jawapan yg ak terima agak disappointing gak laa. tapi nak sambung blaja gak xkire then one day my parent ckp diorg akan sponsor my study tp with condition i have to support my younger brother later when they're going to university. i told them okay la condition tapi seriously memang rasa burden sangat even i know my parent actually afford all that then tuition fees sini xde la mahal sgt compare ngn other country. kire masih dalam category affordable gak laa.alhamdulillah, thanks god for giving me such wonderful parents. insyallah this Feb, malaysian embassy de bukak offer for their scholarship. may Allah ease.
my family with agent (pink shirt) before depart at KLIA (xsedey ag sbb sume ikowt antar sampai Shanghai)

i got my chinese name. hanyu means pure and beautiful jade

my student ID card a.k.a touchngo sebab nak bayar pape dlm campus sume pkai card ni.huhuhu~canggih kann..

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

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