Tuesday, 20 September 2016

our hectic travel plan to hangzhou and

well, ktorg plan nk g both Hangzhou and Suzhou almost a month gak laa before the d-day..from the beginning lg da rse cm chaos when 3 of my Korean friends suddenly decide nk join not discriminate sspe tp i have a lot of worried sbb ktorg nk wat bajet travel je kali ni since this 3 korean doesn't seems like nak budget at all..first things about the hotel and train ticket..then after few discussion, they agreed to book their own hotel and train ticket so ktorg gonna meet them there je..i told them i want the earliest ticket train coz i have a long list to do in Hangzhou (first stop at Hangzhou then to Suzhou)

on d-day *sigh*

our train supposedly at 6.48am but we miss the train because of the traffic jammed ondwy to railway station..then we go to exchange counter where we can change our depart time but all of us got different time which is hardly for us to wait one another..then we want to cancel our plan to Hangzhou coz one of our member dpt ticket kul 2.30pm then these korean need to check in kt Suzhou around 6.30pm..pastu ktorg g refund counter nak cancel ticket and refund money tp counter said no sbb ktorg da exchange time..kalu da exchange time xbole refund that lesson for us laa yg memasing first time nak travel kt china ni kann..

pastu ktorg terpaksa laa beli ticket baru ke Suzhou so plan ke Hangzhou tu terpaksa laa cancel..sedih betol sbb da bazer duet byk gak laaa beli ticket ke Hangzhou tu..xpe laa belum rezeki lg..Hana ckp we have a lot of time kt Suzhou so enjoy puas2 okeyyy~ so ktorg sampai je Suzhou tros ktorg g Lingering Garden (name garden tu klu xsilap)..honestly its really worthy so xde sedih2 da ble tgok garden ni..superb awesome weii~ cantik sangat plus ktorg dtg tgh autumn so mmg just nice laa bunga2 tgh bloom except part yg raining tu..hehehe~

the next day we go to Tiger Hill and Shantang Jie..this area were called as water town too that's what made Suzhou famous for..honestly mmg sgt2 berbaloi..hehehe

da puas enjoy our 2days 1 night ni xde sedey2 da..nk upload gmbr ktorg beramai tp xtaw mane gegambartu sume time laa klu de jupe nnt edit balik post ni..hahahahahaha~

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

kak sophia and jiaxing

during usrah at cik din house, i met with kak asnah and her husband. her husband used to work in my previous university and he told me that one of my senior . kak sophia now working with malaysia consulate in Shanghai.then kak asnah gave me her contact number.
few days after that kak sophia contacted me (bcos im forgot to contact her then we decided to meet up somewhere. both of us too bz plus kak sophia didnt stay in shanghai so she decided to stay over at my place. thats how we first met after 4 years i think bzos she's my senior when im in 1st year degree.
she kept inviting me to her house so i decided to go to her house at jiaxing during CNY to experience how people here celebrate. lol. im really forgot that she's a muslim so all her family didnt celebrate the CNY.
1st time bought the train ticket to go outside of shanghai. kak sophia tried to help me and qila (other msia friend) to buy the train ticket online but we failed to do that bcoz of regulation here one local are allowed to buy one ticket for foreigner only but all the problem settle after she used her brother account to buy our ticket. then another problem occur. well, u know how long malay name? they reject us bcos our name too long. lol~ later when have a kids, never give them long name ok..HAHAHAHA~
before we go we already preparing mental and physical since we heard in a news that all the train station will be crowd with a looooooooooooooooooooooooot of people and u know how was china rite? i mean their population. u wont imagine about that unless u experience by yourself. and alhamdulillah all the crowd gone a days before CNY. actually we quite surprise gak laaa bcoz not so many people as we read in a news.

the view ondwy from shanghai to jiaxing
the view
first day we arrived we didnt do anything much coz we are too tired and hungry padahal the trip just take 20minutes from shanghai lol~ so the next day we decided to visit some places but what so funny is we thought no one going to visit all the tourist places bzos yeah laa CNY kan n all the family supposed to have a family gathering, makan besar and mix yeesang but why they are all over the park?? i think chinese msia valued their culture more than chinese here.. 
monkey king performed there
i dont remember the name of this park but jiaxing only have 1 park and its really really big
the pagoda nak masok byr ye n quite expensive gak laa

sun as decoration with 6degrees

we spend almost a day visiting that park till kak sophia mom calling us back home for lunch+dinner then next day we go to to ancient town nearby her house by walking then we took public bicycle.

we spend 3 days 2 night here and it was fun. thanks kak sophia and family for the accommodation and meals during our stay there . will come again soon insyallah~