Sunday, 21 September 2014

What Have I Learned Today part 2

Today is my turn to present the article about current issue..
Rather than choose about rhe current issue,  I choose to talk about the health issue that almost Malaysian face it which is resdung a.k.a nasal allergy or in scientific known as sinusitis..

Lets find out what I found through my reading!!!

Source : The Star Online
Date : 21 September 2014
Titles : Natural remedy to help in nasal allergy problem

First of all, we have to know the symptoms if we were infect by bacteria in our T- zone area. The symptoms are always sneezing,  nasal blockage and mucous discharge.  However,  to some who already experienced this symptoms,  their nose become inflamed and blocked, hard breathing problem, facial congestion,  headaches,  ear aches,  and insomnia. Youngsters also face the same things and effected their emotional like  anxiety and also face behaviour and attention disorder.

  When we go to clinics usually,  doctor will prescribed us with antistamines and nasal steroid spray. Unfortunately,  this drug contains adverse reaction and cannot prevent an allergic reaction from happening.

And Alhamdulillah,  researchers from Zagred, Croatia discovered an astrogalus root extract which contain special calcium minerals. This root extract help a lot in preventing the allergic and if the patients receive the treatment continuously within 6 weeks, the potential to recover from allergy is over 70% .

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