Friday, 12 December 2014

What Have I Learned This Week Part 8

Ignore the title, I learned this last week actually. due to the busyness and internet problem I can't update anything. I'm in countryside actually at that time for my cousin wedding lol~

last week we were learned about issue that company has to face and how to resolve the issue arise. We were given study case "Kerja Ikut Peraturan" by Yaakob Ibrahim. 

the case study is about a situation happened in a Syarikat Ready Consulting Sdn Bhd. The manager, Encik Zamri, the consultant, Encik Ahmad, the staff, Encik Hamidon and his assistant. the company have four photocopy machines, two of them are self service machines, one of them is electronic machine and one of them is electronic multipurpose machine which is handled by Encik Hamidon only. they have their own S.O.P which are:

1) they have to filled form before photocopy

2) all the application form should be done via a clerk and at least four days before.

3) all the consultants cannot enter photocopy room.

when Encik Hamidon was not around, the consultants use the machines by themselves and cause the machine break down. Encik Ahmad gave a materials to photocopy two days before and Encik Hamidon cannot finishing the photocopy work and have been threat by Encik Ahmad.

  • En Ahmad do no follow the SOP
  • Lack of the staff to handle the xerox machines
  • Over usage - overload work for self-service machines
  • Threat by the consultant En.Ahmad
  • Lack of skill to handle the electronic machine
  • En Hamidon - the staff
  • En Zamri - the manager
  • Assistant En Hamidon
  • En Ahmad - the consultant
  • 2 - self service machines
  • 1 - handle by En Hamidon
  • 1 - to be handle by En Hamidon assistant
  • Increase self-service machines
  • Train the staff to handle the electronic machines
  • Increase number of staff to operate the machines
  • Amend the SOP 4 days to 2 days.
Action to be taken
  • Train the staff to handle the electronic machines

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