Sunday, 12 October 2014

What Have I Learned This Week part 5

SWOT analysis

do u know what's SWOT means??

SWOT is acronyms for Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threats.

SWOT analysis were used to analyze the internal and environmental that involved in projects or any business venture.

It is important to do SWOT analysis as a one step further in planning to achieve the goals and objective of the projects.

during last lecturer, we were asked about SWOT analysis for "The Desired End State for iCEPS10"

threats analysis for iCEPS10

opportunities analysis for iCEPS10

strength analysis for iCEPS10
weaknesses analysis for iCEPS10

p/s: sorry for disarrange picture of analysis, kekeke~soory too if u cant read the picture..blame the sources.HAHAHAHAHA~

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