Sunday, 23 November 2014

What Have I Learned this Week part 7

Strategic Management from Islamic Perspective
During the class, we were asked about the Islamic war during the era of The Prophet Muhammad SAW. How Islam win the war even they are lack of military.  in Ahzab or Khandaq War, this war were named as Khandaq which means trench because during the war, Salman alFarisi advised that they have to dig the trench as a strategy to win the war and protection from the enemy. By using that strategy, the Muslim army able to win the war when at that time they only have 300 forces and 10 horses for battle while their enemy have more than a thousand of forces.

the sketch of strategy of Khandaq war
Even during the era of previous Prophet also can be seen using the strategies in order to solve the problem or any issues. Other example is when Allah asked the Prophet Nuh to build the ark so because the massive flood will happen. Nuh has to build the ark so that he can protect his followers especially Muslim from the massive flood. After the ark completed, Nuh able differentiate whether his followers are truly Muslim or not.
There is a lot of story from the previous era that can be related to strategic management from Islamic perspective.
the drawing from the founding of the Nuh arks.
the artifacts of the ark founded in Ararat Mountain in Turkey.

sources : the Nuh's ark


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