Monday, 29 September 2014

What Have I Learned Today part 4

today forum on GOALS just continues from the last week lecture about 5Porters. What is 5Porters??

5Porters is a framework to analyse level of competition within an industry and business strategy development. It draws upon industrial organization (IO) economics to derive five forces that determine the competitive intensity and therefore attractiveness of a market. ( source : wiki

In a forum, we were ask about 5Porters for financial service analysis in Malaysia and the attractiveness of this industry.

and here my answer, I donno weather im answering this correct or not..>0<


Malaysia has seen robust development of its financial markets over the past years. And what make it attractive is the developing of strong domestic institution while progressively opening up the financial services sector to greater competition by the government. Today, the banks have a strong capital position and the entire financial services system such insurance system boasts ample liquidity, which has provided a buffer against global economic volatility in the recent past. 

5 Porters Analysis:

New Entrance

- usually, the emerging of new entrance in financial market service is low compared to the entrance of market products.


- the products that usually offered to the public is identical therefore, it create an advantage for customer to demand in selecting the service providers.


- Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) or depositors 


- financial service that offer the same products and services for similar target market

- conventional vs Islamic services offered


- online banking and transaction

- Islamic services offered much easy and convenient  products with a fixed interest and high dividend return.

Friday, 26 September 2014

> 0 <

Its freaking awesome!!!
Never get enough..

INFINITE "Back" Dance Practice 

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

What Have I Learned Today part 3


Issues from the story :

1. Conflict of personal interest between the Robin Hood and Merrymen
     - Merrymen motto is " rob the rich and give to poor"
     - they only wants to dispose the tax tariff by robing the rich
     - while, Robbin Hood purpose of recruiting the Merrymen is to kill the Sheriff

2. The management and leadership problems
     - as the size of the band increased,  there is so many issued arise as there is some people who  betraying the band and doesn't have discipline

3. Financial issues
     - as the band growing, the cost of buying food were incresed since their revenue start to decline.
     - the travellers who walk in Sherwood Forest knows their tactics already and change the dirction of travel

4. Political issues
     - Robbin Hood doesn't have political connection to obtain reinforcement power.
     - therefore,  Prince John asked Robin Hood to combine the power with barons to collect the ransom that would release nKing Richard the Lionheart from the jail in Austria.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

What Have I Learned Today part 2

Today is my turn to present the article about current issue..
Rather than choose about rhe current issue,  I choose to talk about the health issue that almost Malaysian face it which is resdung a.k.a nasal allergy or in scientific known as sinusitis..

Lets find out what I found through my reading!!!

Source : The Star Online
Date : 21 September 2014
Titles : Natural remedy to help in nasal allergy problem

First of all, we have to know the symptoms if we were infect by bacteria in our T- zone area. The symptoms are always sneezing,  nasal blockage and mucous discharge.  However,  to some who already experienced this symptoms,  their nose become inflamed and blocked, hard breathing problem, facial congestion,  headaches,  ear aches,  and insomnia. Youngsters also face the same things and effected their emotional like  anxiety and also face behaviour and attention disorder.

  When we go to clinics usually,  doctor will prescribed us with antistamines and nasal steroid spray. Unfortunately,  this drug contains adverse reaction and cannot prevent an allergic reaction from happening.

And Alhamdulillah,  researchers from Zagred, Croatia discovered an astrogalus root extract which contain special calcium minerals. This root extract help a lot in preventing the allergic and if the patients receive the treatment continuously within 6 weeks, the potential to recover from allergy is over 70% .

Friday, 19 September 2014

What I Have Learned this Week part 1

Dr. Ummi did asked us about our mission and vision in our life. Honestly I'm not even remember what I'm writing about in her forums. Its not like I don't have mission or vision in my life, it just I can't remember what I'm telling her in a Goals. haiyaaa~what a lame excuse..ㄱㄱㄱ~

Vision in my life:

 1- Built better relationship wif Allah, parent, family and all people around me

2- Expand knowledge in all area especially in corporate field.

3- Successful in business area : I want to open my own oil and gas station and be a billionaire. Insyaallah~

Mission in my life before I'm reach 30
     * working while doin Corporate Charter licence

     * bring along my family to Umrah in Mecca

    * bring them along for vacation too in overseas country

    * own RED Mini Copper Classic!!!

     * end my SINGLE life..kekekeke~

my dream rings : simple. less diamond, must platinum!! 

strategic managements task


starting dis week, don't get burden or confused wherever u read this becoz...
starting this week too im goin to update the task that has been given by our strategic managements lecturer Dr. Ummi..
i thought every week, im goin to update about "What Have I Learned this Week"
well, its goin to be mark..
and to get a FULL MARK, i need 10 post at least!!!
too much?!
but its depends on me actually..
depends on how im goin to use my time wisely..
anyway, goodluck to me!!


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

i know that girl..


i only know them through the name..
they are not even famous in Korea..
but they only win the chart and got recognized in the industry after the accidents..
i know they are not muslim..
can we sedekah them al-fatihah?!
accidents at 2am??!

anyway. things happen already..
al-fatihah to the late EunB and Rise..
i didn't know much actually about LadiesCode..
i dont even know their songs..
i only know Rise who appears in Kanto and INFINITE Sunggyu 'What You Wants' MV..

Rise wif Sunggyu

Rise wif Kanto


goodbye oppa~

wow wow wow..
its really been along time i didn't update any..
its not like i'm busy or what..
it just for some reason i hv to go to Japan..

in Japan im not having fun either..
my heart still in Malaysia..
sometime I wondering why i keep thinking about iCEPS..
even when im thousand miles far away from Malaysia..
its keep bothering me..
mybe bcoz i keep reading the msg in my wassap group..

anyway, after a long fight wif him..
i manage to get the earliest ticket before the Merdeka Day..
i miss Malaysia so muchh..
i miss 'air tangan' my mom..
i miss everything hear in Malaysia..

just 4 days after arriving..
im back to USIM..
how come im back to early before others??
hmmmm~mybe bcoz i felt guilty leaving all my friends doin the job alone especially towards Pija..
she covered me during all this sem break including meeting wif JPPF, Utusan and so on..
thanks a lot dear..

there is a lot of things to cover back..
i need to study one by one anywy..
but, how come 'pakcik' goin to Indonesia without brief me what he had done during my leave?!
aigooo, pakcik~~