Friday, 19 September 2014

What I Have Learned this Week part 1

Dr. Ummi did asked us about our mission and vision in our life. Honestly I'm not even remember what I'm writing about in her forums. Its not like I don't have mission or vision in my life, it just I can't remember what I'm telling her in a Goals. haiyaaa~what a lame excuse..ㄱㄱㄱ~

Vision in my life:

 1- Built better relationship wif Allah, parent, family and all people around me

2- Expand knowledge in all area especially in corporate field.

3- Successful in business area : I want to open my own oil and gas station and be a billionaire. Insyaallah~

Mission in my life before I'm reach 30
     * working while doin Corporate Charter licence

     * bring along my family to Umrah in Mecca

    * bring them along for vacation too in overseas country

    * own RED Mini Copper Classic!!!

     * end my SINGLE life..kekekeke~

my dream rings : simple. less diamond, must platinum!! 

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