Tuesday, 16 September 2014

goodbye oppa~

wow wow wow..
its really been along time i didn't update any..
its not like i'm busy or what..
it just for some reason i hv to go to Japan..

in Japan im not having fun either..
my heart still in Malaysia..
sometime I wondering why i keep thinking about iCEPS..
even when im thousand miles far away from Malaysia..
its keep bothering me..
mybe bcoz i keep reading the msg in my wassap group..

anyway, after a long fight wif him..
i manage to get the earliest ticket before the Merdeka Day..
i miss Malaysia so muchh..
i miss 'air tangan' my mom..
i miss everything hear in Malaysia..

just 4 days after arriving..
im back to USIM..
how come im back to early before others??
hmmmm~mybe bcoz i felt guilty leaving all my friends doin the job alone especially towards Pija..
she covered me during all this sem break including meeting wif JPPF, Utusan and so on..
thanks a lot dear..

there is a lot of things to cover back..
i need to study one by one anywy..
but, how come 'pakcik' goin to Indonesia without brief me what he had done during my leave?!
aigooo, pakcik~~

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