Thursday, 1 May 2014

assignment list :)

biasela da kat nk final nie makin berlambak la assignment yg nk kne antar..anyway sume assignmnt tu by late un antr in the end of this month, insyallah bole siapkan..hwaiting!!!

1. Risk Management (individual) - 30% baru siap
    brief about Ijarah product and give advise to bank or finance institute how to deal with the risk involved in
    the market.

2. Risk Management (group)
    - choose two finance institute and differentiate the risk involved in islamic and conventional sector.
    - my job only make the conclusion so tggu sume orang da siap baru ley start wat conclusion + giving

3. Waqf Journal
   - i just done read the reference
   - so progress only 10%

4. Investor Relations - 70% siap
    - finish my
    - tinggal type dlm word jer..huhuhu~

5. Corporate Governance
    - advice public listed company and pn17 company either they follow MCCG2012 or Public Listed
       Requirement or not
    - do part auditing only
    - done read annual report tp otak nga xley nk gerak lagsg nak watpe psal assignment nie so kne hold lu
       jap so progress tok dis assignment less than

6. Research Methodology
   - journal journal journal
   - luckily i still hv a good member yg bole tolg and masih bole bg kerjesme nk siapkan assignment nie
   - progress?? arond 20%??! ok la kowt

pe ckit jer?? yup mmg nmpk ckit jer tp keje yg ak kne wat nie i hv to finish all that within a month taw!! sakit dowh nak wat sume n bole demam demam la tp so far alhamdulillah la xde la tahap terok sgt kesihatan ak nie..still bole gerak gerak tu ok la..anyway, no time for play n please just focus on assaignment ok!! gudluck to me~ huhuhu~

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