Wednesday, 22 January 2014

2014 & ME

2014 is coming..
a lot of things happen in past 2013..anyway da kena bukak buku baru for 2014..actually cam terase un da masok 2014 coz bz ngn final exam for semester 5..memang bz gle!! exam abes un da nk tengah bulan January..
before this, im never made any newyear list sbb rse cm every year same jer n every yea I made a same wish which is, nak istiqomah pakai tudung and Alhamdulillah within the year banyak gak la improvement..xpe la slow2, kang terkejut lak orang kalu berubah mendadak sangat..
then for this year, this is my wishlist :
1 - tukar hanphone baru!!!

2 - save money, visit KOREA 2015

3 - support INFINITE album!! huhu~
4 - snorkeling at Perhentian Island end of semester 6
5 - no stress during study
6 - anything happen, family come first
7 - don't shift to other group, stay wif INFINITE. always INSPIRIT

8 - as usual like few years ago wish, covering aurat

hope sangat all the wish will come true~ :) actually banyak lagi wish nk tulis, tp xpe la nex time mybe..

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