Thursday, 23 January 2014

10 years already...

I don't know how their feel separating celebrate their 10th years anniversary. As a fans, its really heart broken even just thinking of that.. why they separated? when they'll be together again as 5 members? I think a lot about them bcoz im being their fans for almost 10 years too.. it hurts watching them works as HOMIN and JYJ.. I don't want to say TVXQ or DBSK or TOHOSHINKI bcoz to me that group supposed to be 5 members not 2..

Early this year, HOMIN made a comeback with a new song title ' Something' but JYJ?! I donno any about them.. jus what I know recently Xiah involved in new musical again, Jae made a comeback album and Micky loss in action..aigoooo~

Just Another Girl by Jae really catch my ears.. I already put that song on my #nowplaying list but I really need to re-listen to Something.. I donno why, there is something about the song that I don't like but I don't know what is it.. bcoz of sexy girl in that mv perhaps??! I feel like wow~ they are men after all.. no wonder la.. but im really hope INFINITE  will never do that!! i'll never approved that..sorry~

#DBSK5 juseyo~

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