Saturday, 25 January 2014

1994 vs 1997

I'm just finished watching Reply1994.. memang bes giler la.. drama ni da jadi one of my favourite drama I' ll never delete from my hard disk and of course I'll re-watch it again and again la.. tapi yg plg ak salute ngn production drama ni, camne diorg ley wat drama exact cm tahun 1994 & 1997 uh.. memg daebak la!!! tp rase cm pelek gak, production for Reply1994 & Reply 1997 same jer.. jalan cite xde la same sangat sbb Reply1997 more focus on high school story while Reply1994 more on university life story. tapi rating tok cite Reply1994 lagi tinggi dr Reply1997.. npe eik?? *curious*



p/s : Reply1997 kuar lu baru Reply1994

when I first watch Reply1994, curious gile nape NaJoong share parent ngan ShiWon from Reply1997?? both character siap share surname parent ag 'Sung'.. ingatkan adik-beradik tp dlm Reply1997, ShiWon uh anak tunggal while NaJoong lak had 2 siblings and she is the younger tapi abang die da lame meninggal sbb ketumbuhan otak. da nak ending drama Reply1994 baru la taw yg sebenarnye both their parent memang share name 'Song Dong Il' and bestfriend dalam baseball team mase zaman sekolah diorg dulu.. taw un sbb dlm episode uh ShiWon wat cameo in Reply1994 as a NaJoong neighborhood yang wat bising sampai jiran sebelah dengar. One more thing, NaJoong parent from Masan while ShiWon parent from Busan.. bahase same jer cume negeri yang lain.
Actually, im fallin love wif Chilbong character..huhu~ he's very sweet.. even NaJoong pon approved Chilbong as a very nice, gentleman she ever met.. even tu dalam drama jer tp seriously, Yoo Yeon Seok berjaya membawa watak uh ngn sangat baik *thumbs up* Chilbong nie national baseball player yang fallin love ngn NaJoong even da taw dr awal yg NaJoong akan reject die..aigoooo~watak sweet cm die npe la xde happy ending??! sampai da ending cite un, even NaJoong da kawen and de 3 orang anak un he still treat her nicely..waaaaaa~~

Chilbong the pitcher for Yonsei University

love triangle between Chilbong and Trash
another character yang ak suke, character Binggarae a.k.a Baro who always smile even he had a lot of problem including xde cite2 since die xberminat nak jadi doctor..jap2, die nie from countryside.. parent die antar die ke Seoul tok masok medic school.. almost 2 years gak la die tangguh pengajian sebb xminat nak jadi doctor.. las2 die sambung gak pengajian die bile tgok mak die sakit and after kne brainwash ngn Trash.. pas uh die fallin love ngn senior die who known as 'die-die' sbb senior die ni category ske bully junior tp ble tgok Binggarae tros xjd bully.. kire nye cm 'die-die' la yang proposed die sweet sangat ble diorg da kawen, ble gaduh jer 'die-die' akan cakap, "please hormat your senior" pas uh malu malu Binggarae reply " you just a year elder than me, I'm your husband anyway" woooooot~~ suke tgok muke die shy shy cat..huhuhu~
Binggarae a.k.a B1A4 Baro
overall drama nie memang boleh nampak la nape rating Reply1994 lagi tinggi dari Reply1997.. actually, no comment sangat about Reply1997 since they only have 11 episode compared to Reply1994.. so, anyone who interested to watch this drama, bole la watch here

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