Saturday, 21 December 2013

new year end with INFINITE!!

ari nie stalk ag kt usha latest xtvt infinite la cm biase..huhu~ tgok diorg update INFINITE Season Greeting 2014, jeles nyer~ gambar diorg cantik cantik bajet tok thn ni da abes =,= so klu de rezeki thn depan la kowttt..

tp ble tgok diorg da siap update yg scan version nyer, why not ak donload jer n print much cheaper rite??huhu~ sorry >0< anyway, I wont do that since im a true INSPIRIT. i'll wait until im afford to buy it one fine day. check it out below INFINITE 2014 Calendar : nice rite?? don't ask me to buy this until the end of this year..

anyway actually im doin opportunity cost here, choose the best ..woooot~ talking about econimcs kah??hahahaha~ well,since im economics student..of course la~ so untuk sedap en hati dari xli pape..I decided to buy INFINITE - Inspirit Dreamers Experience Amazing. actually harge IDEA ngn Season Greeting lebih kurang jer but after a few consideration I choose to buy INFINITE IDEA~
so now nampak x reason why I choose IDEA rather than Season Greeting?? I prefer something real compared to watch their pictorial only since IDEA also provide a DVD + mini poster + postcard byk x??huhuhu~ im closing my end year book of INFINITE with dis!!! kyaaaaa~ *happy*
새 해 복 많이 받으세요 !!!

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