Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Got it finally!!!

After few days being a stalker at all online fashion webstore in Malaysia,  finally I got one dress which is suit my taste lar..However,  Im really sacrifices all the money that I has paid to that unknown website..unknown?! or is it me the one who donno about that website??watever lar~I bought it already anyway..
So, if anyone who had the same problem me who seek for last minute dress at cheap price but still looks gorgeous,  try check out to this website ..they respond quite fast than I thought so my expectations for the are quite high..just few minutes after done the payment, I got parcel number already..their service are good right?! Huhuhu~
After finished the class today, I got  cancellation about my grup discussion. So ondwy home, I tried to play around wif my new camera apps which is ' moment camera '.then guess what I did?? Huhuhu~im editing my one and only husband, Gyu!!! Sorry dear, you looks like a very pity person who needs help from the public..hahahhahaha~* evil laugh* ..huhu~oppa, im just playing around,  dont mad at me ok!!!
test tst 1 2 3.. 
ni la website uh.. 

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