Saturday, 10 October 2015

my first week in shanghai

first week kat sini hectic la gak. i got roommate from Rusia but i only meet her for few second bcos she's rushing to Beijing.

girls date at The Bund

duduk kat bilik sesorang and almost everyday i eat instant food, de la gak makan nasi tp dgn lauk instant gak cm curry can adabi tuu.

nak kuar xtaw nak g mane pastu da la xfluent mandarin so mmg rse terceruk gak laa sampai la one day i meet with one of Pakistani . he's muslim too so he show me all the shop near the campus yang de selling halal food then we go to Walmart and he show me every section in Walmart from food to everything laa. then, kat mane de jual daging and ayam halal.

honestly, i'm so glad that i meet him and alhamdulillah makanan halal is everywhere. kat Walmart un de jual biskut Julies ngn Munchies hokeyy. byk lagi product made in Malaysia yang halal kat sini. so, no worries about food. sena nyee heaven sgt. ckp je nak pe. asal pandai masak mmg bole survive la kat sini..

thanks Rita for your understanding . she accompany me to eat at Muslim restaurant

first halal sushi I made in Shanghai

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