Friday, 21 February 2014

new semester begin..

almost a week my new semester begin.. its really a tiring day plus, I don't even much time for online unless updating my twitter only.. we already bz wif a class, some research and so no.. I had a lot to settle down too since a lost a lot of my stuff including my matrices card and handphone!!  I thought the thief must be too stupid the phone that had been was really classic and I don't think people nowadays use that phone anymore.. anywy, thnx to the thief for realizing one of 2014 wishlist which is get a new handphone!! I just bought the cheap one since im really in need.. its ok la dari xde langsung.. bile da urgent sangat memang xde la kalu nak li yang mahal mahal.. xde bajet kowt~ im home now and I don't think im able to back for nex week.. a lot of meeting and seminar to attend.. its all been schedule for the whole semester.. aigoooo~ sabo je la

late to the class : first group to be punished for this semester

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