Thursday, 13 February 2014

babysitted Rayyan

baru seminggu jadi babysitter Rayyan my anak buah,penat nyer cam setahun!! today is my last day jage die wif en excuse nak wat preparation nak masok sem baru..hahahaha~lawak gler la excuse tu sbb sume org taw almost every week im home so, xpayah nak bajet kemas barang sangat la..huhu~ but seriously memang penat sbb kene bergilir ngan my sis berjage malam since Rayyan daddy offshore again..luckily, im kind of awake the whole night and sleep the whole day..da cam owl da ak nie~ Rayyan is my sister first child, tu yang die cam kelam kabut cikit uh plus her husband keje offshore and once a month baru bole balek..
actually senang jer nak jage Rayyan, he will sleep for 2 to 3 hours and wake up for an hour utk menyusu then sleep again..kalu die nanges lak angkat 2 minit, kalu still xdiam gak bawak die masok bilik air ajak die maen air..he loves playing wif water soooo much then, u can see his laugh..aigooo~ such a cute boy~<3 at night, im woke up my sis only when Rayyan start to cry then, put him to sleep again..i thought I know his detail better then his 'mama' did like he's my son padahal kawen pon x, anak lagi la..lawak tol~ but the most funny is Rayyan don't want his own mom to put him on sleep.. he only come to my sis when he's hungry.. naseb baek gak la tomorrow his daddy is back so xde la my sis worried about his baby..

sleepy Rayyan

awaken Rayyan

calmly in a car

Rayyan, your aunt leaving you today..Bubye~

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